Parkland Corporation

A new look for an international fuel distributor and retailer

  • Technical Consulting
  • Headless CMS Development
  • Contentful CMS Development
  • Content Migration

The Challenge

Parkland had grown significantly through acquisition, acquiring several brands over the years. The new website needed a well-thought-out branding plan to unify these new acquisitions into one umbrella brand—Parkland Corporation.

The site also needed to be consolidated on a new headless CMS platform to be used across their many sites, while facilitating easy updates as news releases and business updates are made available.

The Solution

Parkland screen capture 1


Renowned international agency Sid Lee worked closely with Parkland to design the site—starting with an updated information architecture/sitemap for improved user experience, then with a new design based on new corporate branding that brings together numerous business units under one corporate umbrella. A storyboard was developed and handed off to Nerder for development.

Parkland screen capture 2

Headless CMS Development

Here’s where we enter the picture and things get really exciting. Parkland’s CMS of choice was Contentful CMS. Nerder worked with the provided storyboard files and built the front end in React and connected it to the Contentful CMS.

Financial and historical documents needed to be displayed in a tabular format, which is a limitation in the selected CMS. Nerder devised a method to easily create and update tables as new corporate data becomes available.

Parkland screen capture 3

Content Migration

Nerder also looked after content migration of over 500 pages of content for both the English and French languages. Most of this had to be done manually as much of the content throughout the site was reworked and updated.

The Result

The new Parkland corporate website is visually stunning and intuitive to navigate. Search functionality allows visitors to find important information easily, and the Contentful CMS data structure allows the Parkland staff to easily determine which pages and components to update.

The build approach was a testament to Nerder’s capabilities to work closely with renowned design agencies and use agile methodologies to deliver exceptional websites within tight deadlines.

“The team at Nerder are one of a kind. They are quick, agile and are exceptional at web solutions. They helped us bring a design to life on our website that transformed how we use our site and how our customers interact with us. We are grateful for their expertise and would highly recommend them to others looking for web solutions.”

Larissa Mark, Manager of Corporate Communications, Parkland Fuel