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Nerder custom develops ecommerce sites using BigCommerce because of its flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Build Your Store With BigCommerce

An all in one ecommerce platform that is secure, easy to use, and most importantly builds websites that look and perform great. Choosing BigCommerce as your ecommerce platform allows you to have one system for all of your store needs. Nerder works with you to design and customize your BigCommerce store, setup all the necessary integrations, and to make sure you are fully trained and ready to run your ecommerce business.

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Make Sure Your Site Is Built To Convert

BigCommerce offers responsive and high converting themes that we can build from, or we can have your site completely custom coded. It’s a flexible platform that allows creative freedom, allowing Nerder to build your site exactly how you imagined it.

Take Payment From Anywhere

A great feature of BigCommerce is that it allows you to choose how you want to take payments, without penalties. This includes Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Square, and every other major payment gateway. Your options are wide open, making your online store more accessible for your customers, removing barriers and making the shopping experience truly seamless.

Ensure Your Site Is Secure

BigCommerce has proven to be a secure, reliable ecommerce platform. It provides ease of mind in knowing that your customer transaction will be secure, and that your website will always perform with 99.9% uptime.

Our BigCommerce Services

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    Great Design

    Nerder has the flexibility to either completely custom design your BigCommerce site, or build design elements on top of the high converting and well received BigCommerce themes.

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    Solid Strategy

    Our web developers and designers work with you to build key strategies to create a high converting ecommerce experience for your customers.

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    Quality Development

    Custom coded and developed on top of the BigCommerce platform to give you flexibility for building your site the way you want it to be built. No limitations.

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    Seamless Integration

    We completely set up and integrate all of your 3rd party apps the way you need it to work. We take care of all the backend setup so you can focus on your great products.

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    Your ecommerce store deserves to be seen, and so we make sure your website is fully SEO optimized from the very beginning.

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    Ongoing Support

    We offer in-house around the clock support to answer all of the questions you may have, during and after your BigCommerce store is developed.

Developing Your Ecommerce Store in BigCommerce

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms out there that you COULD use to build your online store with. There are few as reliable and easy to manage as BigCommerce. This ecommerce all-in-one package is a great foundation for building and growing your online business. No matter if you are building an online only store, or expanding your physical store’s digital presence, BigCommerce is a great place to build your ecommerce business. BigCommerce is a one stop shop for all of your businesses needs, with powerful tools for keeping everything on track and working smoothly.

At Nerder, we help you set up your online store, every step of the way. Our team works with you to build a strategy for creating and building your website well before a single mouse is clicked. Together, we will plan, design, develop, test, and launch your store, making sure your clients get a seamless experience as they fill their carts with your goodies.

With BigCommerce, there are plenty of winning strategies to building a successful ecommerce store. The templates offered are tested and proven to convert, and we can help you build your design into one of these templates with ease. Of course, everything is customizable with BigCommerce, so the options are wide open for how you want your site to look and function. The BigCommerce platform does the heavy lifting for you, so that you can stay focused on your clients needs.

BigCommerce is the only platform that allows you to sell physical, digital, and service based products, right out of the box. It is loaded with advanced sales features like this that very few ecommerce platforms provide. Abandoned cart functionality, the most advanced security of any platform, and a massive number of options for shipping, this platform is ready to handle any size of business, and will easily scale as you grow your business into an grand enterprise.

Which is better BigCommerce or Shopify?

BigCommerce allows for a very robust platform for an ecommerce store, and it’s done in a streamlined and easy to use way. Shopify has plenty of applications and integrations to build with, but can sometimes feel overwhelming with its options. With BigCommerce, there may be less to choose from, but everything is done so well you might not miss it. A big win for BigCommerce is that there are no sales fees, whereas you do pay a bit for your transactions in Shopify. Both platforms offer free to try options, and if your stuck between choosing either or, make sure to try them first to see which one is better suited to your needs.

Does BigCommerce cost money?

Yes, BigCommerce is a Saas (software as a service) product, meaning you don’t own the software, but pay a monthly fee to use it. BigCommerce starts at $29.95 US a month.

Can I run my entire online business in BigCommerce?

Yes, BigCommerce is designed to allow you to operate and manage the entire process, including sales, shipping, customer management, fulfillment, and even marketing.

Does BigCommerce charge a transaction fee?

No, BigCommerce is unlike many other ecommerce platforms in that it does not charge any transaction fees, whether you’re using the Standard plan or the Enterprise plan.

Is BigCommerce Secure?

Yes, BigCommerce promises 99.9% uptime and all of the latest security features you’d want with a major ecommerce platform.

Does BigCommerce Integrate with Stripe?

Yes, BigCommerce integrates with all of the major payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay

Does BigCommerce integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes, BigCommerce integrates with the Quickbooks Online app for all of your important accounting needs.

Who uses BigCommerce?

Over 40,000 businesses use BigCommerce as their ecommerce platform. This includes Ben & Jerry, Skull Candy, and Woolrich.

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