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Why Choose Craft CMS?

When it comes to content management systems, agencies and businesses are looking for flexibility, scalability, security, and seamless integrations—every developer’s dream.  Craft CMS has it all.

Here are more reasons why we like it:

  1. Stay Connected To Your Clients

    Craft helps you stay on top of your sales and marketing with little to no fuss. It integrates with your already-in-place marketing and sales platforms, easily connecting to Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot—and almost everything in between.

  2. Scales With Your Business

    Craft can be used for everything from an informational one-page site to a fully loaded international e-commerce solution. As your business grows, your Craft website grows with you.

  3. Easily Manage Your Website

    Our clients rave about Craft's intuitive backend design and incredibly approachable learning curve. The CMS provides a full suite of libraries and APIs that plugins can tap into. It allows you to link, tag, and categorize your content with ease. Your site will be easy to manage so that you can stay focused on the business and not on tech support.

  4. Intuitive and Customizable

    An API-driven headless CMS that’s intuitive and customizable, Craft CMS is designed to give users the powerful platform and creative control they need to build websites exactly as they envision.

  5. Fully Featured

    It also has built-in features like template tags, a plugin store, multi-site support, live previewing, and content modeling.

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Why Nerder?

  • Solid Strategy

    We're all about making your digital dream a reality. We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your vision to develop a plan that's as bulletproof as Beskar armor, ensuring every pixel and every line of code serves a purpose.

  • Full Stack Development Team

    We're not just developers; we're Jedi Masters. From crafting custom plugins and mastering Twig to unraveling complex coding, we’re the real deal. With Nerder, your project is in good hands.

  • Quality Development

    Sloppy code? That's just not our style. Our developers are sticklers for quality, crafting every line of code with care and attention to detail.

  • Effective Integrations

    Integrating third-party tools into your Craft CMS website can be a real headache. Our dev experts understand the importance of incorporating only the most essential plugins, extensions, and tools to develop a streamlined workflow that maximizes user experience.

  • Custom Plugins

    Can’t find a plugin integration for your website? No problem. We offer custom development for Craft CMS plugins to make sure your website is powered the way you want it!

  • Proven Track Record

    Don't just take our word for it – our track record speaks for itself. We've been in the Craft CMS game for years, and we've got the battle scars (and success stories) to prove it.

  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

    Launching your Craft CMS website is just the beginning; we're in it for the long haul. Our support and maintenance team is here to make sure your website stays in top shape long after the initial launch.

  • SEO-Friendly

    We understand the importance of SEO in bringing in sales. Our team develops your website, ensuring Craft CMS is configured to maximize its SEO benefits. You get customization options for meta tags and SEO-friendly URLs. Craft CMS also offers you the tools to optimize your content for keywords and generate XML sitemaps for indexing.

Meet Your Craft Team

Nerder has a full team of specialists, ready to advise on how to best implement Craft to achieve your needs. And can also give tips on how to cultivate a stunning five o'clock shadow.

  • Kent Williams
    Kent Williams
    Director of Operations
  • boris-headshot
    Boris Calles
    Web Team Lead
  • Glen Hayes
    Glen Hayes
    Tech Lead


Is Craft CMS better than Wordpress?

Craft is incredibly lightweight and offers excellent commercial features. Due to its flexibility, it allows for a fantastic custom-designed experience that has an intuitive backend for clients to utilize after the website is built. WordPress is still the most popular CMS out there, for sure, because it offers plenty of themes and plugins to build a website on, and a strong support system to back it up.

That being said, Craft is catching up and has some key advantages over WordPress. Designing websites in Craft is intuitive and flexible. WordPress was designed initially as a blogging platform, and leaves plenty to be desired when building a fully customized experience. Craft allows for a flexible and customized design, making your website stand out from your competitors.

Is Craft CMS Free?

Craft has an initial cost of $299 US. This initial investment pays off quickly, though, with a reduced learning curve and an intuitive and reliable structure for your website. You’ll spend less time and money troubleshooting your site in the long run by ensuring your website is built on solid ground.

Does Craft CMS have ecommerce functionality?

Yes. Craft has an exclusive e-commerce platform called Craft Commerce 3. It’s an incredibly powerful e-commerce solution with advanced security and can be completely custom-designed with no limitations. 

Craft Commerce integrates with Paypal, Stripe, Amazon S3, Salesforce, and Mailchimp, among many other popular applications. 

Craft Commerce 3 costs $199 US  for the Lite version or $999 US for all of the bells and whistles.

Is Craft CMS Good for SEO?

SEO is easily managed within Craft, with easy-to-manage and edit metadata tags and a powerful SEO plugin called SEOmatic. What really separates Craft from other CMSs is the incredibly fast load times and page speed that search engines love.

Is Craft CMS Easy to Use?

Craft CMS is often praised for its user-friendly interface, making it relatively easy for content editors and administrators to manage website content. The control panel is super intuitive, which means it offers a straightforward editing experience without overwhelming you with unnecessary features. In addition, it provides great features such as live previewing, versioning, and content structuring, which streamline the content management process and increase productivity.

Is Craft CMS Secure?

Craft is very secure, with plenty of the latest and best safeguards in place to ensure your website stays safe. Also, Craft CMS websites are targeted less frequently than some of the more popular CMSs like WordPress, meaning random security attacks will be much less frequent. An in-depth list of Craft 3’s security features can be found here

Is Craft CMS headless?

Craft is a hybrid CMS, so you can use it as either a monolithic CMS (controlling the presentation of your website through the standard, built-in templating system) or a headless CMS (allowing you to custom code all of the front-end presentations using the GraphQL API). You can also combine the two if you’d like, allowing you to use templates to control website display while building a headless presentation for your apps!

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