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Nerder custom develops websites using RebelMouse because of its speed - it's the highest performing CMS on the open web.

Build Your Site With RebelMouse

RebelMouse is a content management system (CMS) that's built for speed, and is perfect for online publications, content marketing, and any kind of site where high performance is needed. Their next-generation publishing platform has an advanced suite of editorial tools and intuitive technology that enables publishers to unlock new growth across site, search, and social. Their holistic publishing platform makes it easy for sites to grow traffic, monetize quickly, and diversify revenue streams.

A Powerful Network

RebelMouse powers over 100 of the highest-traffic websites ranging from legacy brands to new media powerhouses. Thanks to their tremendous network, they are able to analyze a wealth of traffic data that informs their strategies and allows them to be a strategic partner to their clients, rather than just a vendor.

Acing Core Web Vitals

RebelMouse outperforms all of the CMS systems we’ve tested on Core Web Vitals — even on sites loaded with ads. Thanks to their focus on performance, sites experience an increase in organic traffic as a result (which also reduces the need to pay for search ads). RebelMouse’s platform empowers users of every skill level to build sites that exceed Google’s strict web standards.

Easily Manage Your Website

RebelMouse websites reach more than 120 million people a month, with a modern solution that combines cutting-edge technology with decades of media savvy. Their platform delivers millions of pageviews without any downtime, ever. And due to their massive scale, one in three Americans have visited a website powered by RebelMouse.

Our RebelMouse Services

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    Quality Development

    Custom coded and developed within RebelMouse gives you flexibility for building your site the way you want it to be built. We know how to work effectively within its capabilities.

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    Ongoing Support & Maintenance

    Our support team is available to support all of your ongoing needs including implementation of design changes, site upgrades, and functionality changes.

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    Effective Integrations

    We can integrate all of your systems, ensuring that they work in lock step, including social media accounts, bulk email, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, and pretty much anything else you’d like to integrate with. 

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    Sites Built for Speed

    We’ll show you how to surpass industry leaders on site performance while spending less.

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    SEO Ready

    We build our RebelMouse sites to be fully ready for SEO, ensuring that traffic is going to to you and not your competitors.

RebelMouse Official Partner

Nerder is an official partner of RebelMouse, and they provide us with additional resources and access to their development team when needed.  We also regularly obtain training from RebelMouse, which ensures that we’re always updated on all of the latest features and product updates.  In fact, we work closely with RebelMouse to provide support and site maintenance for a number of their clients.

Many of the world’s largest companies trust RebelMouse to power their global, multiplatform content experiences, including United Airlines, Protocol, Raw Story, Brit+Co, and Upworthy. As a platform, they’re one of the largest in the world, reaching 120+ million people every month.

Nerder has plenty of experience developing and maintaining websites on RebelMouse. The platform excels in the development of high-performance sites – sites that are blisteringly fast on both mobile and desktop, sites that perform extremely well in driving search engine rankings and organic traffic, and sites that integrate tightly with social media efforts.  RebelMouse also includes key features for publishers and content marketers built right into the platform including support for paywalls, contest management, e-commerce capabilities, workflow management, multilingual support, native analytics, and multivariate testing.

RebelMouse FAQ's

Is RebelMouse better than WordPress?

In terms of performance, yes, it is.  RebelMouse is an all-in-one CMS solution that runs on their hosting environment and CDN, which is optimized for speed.  Sites built on RebelMouse score very highly on Google’s Web Core Vitals across both mobile and desktop, which is very difficult to do, and crucial for good search traffic.  In fact, its speed on mobile is blazingly fast – much faster than any other CMS we’ve tested.  But there are trade-offs when comparing them to other CMS systems like WordPress.  WordPress is more widely used so there are lots of plugins available that will do pretty much anything you want.  RebelMouse is a bit more specialized and is really tuned for publishing sites where performance and seamless integrations with social media platforms are key requirements. It also doesn’t face the same drawbacks as WordPress when third-party plugins fail or update, breaking things on your site. Instead, RebelMouse publishes platform-wide updates and upgrades that make tedious back-end maintenance and troubleshooting a thing of the past.

Is RebelMouse free?

RebelMouse is a hosted CMS solution so they charge a monthly fee to host sites.  The cost varies and is fairly substantial, so it’s not a good match for a small website, but the cost is actually very reasonably priced when compared to CMS systems in the same range of capabilities.

Is RebelMouse easy to use?

RebelMouse is very intuitive and easy to use, making onboarding and training a snap.  It’s so simple that inexperienced content creators can easily write and design content, insert rich media, and add links as easily they would on a social media app.  It also works equally well across both mobile and desktop, which isn’t always the case with CMSs.  RebelMouse also makes complex workflows efficient and easy to manage.  

Is RebelMouse good for SEO?

RebelMouse is fantastic for SEO with a whole suite of tools built in, empowering editors, writers, and creators to all understand how to strategically build site traffic.  The high performance of the platform and high scores on Googles Web Core Vitals also help achieve top search rankings.

Does RebelMouse have ecommerce functionality?

Yes. RebelMouse has built in ecommerce capabilities as well as the ability to create paywalls. It doesn’t have all of the features of Shopify, but is a solid ecommerce solution with most of the features you’d need to quickly setup a store and sell products online.  

Is RebelMouse secure?

RebelMouse is very secure, with plenty of the latest and best safeguards in place to ensure your website stays safe. Additionally, RebelMouse websites are targeted less frequently than some of the more popular CMSs like WordPress, meaning random security attacks will be much less frequent.

Is RebelMouse associated with Huffington Post?

RebelMouse was founded by Andrea Breanna, who was the CTO at the Huffington Post (now HuffPost) and designed the CMS that it runs on.  Andrea founded RebelMouse on the vision that media companies would need an always-modern solution to thrive in the new connected internet and that marketers would have to behave like new media companies and use the same platforms.

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