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Nerder custom develops headless CMS websites and Apps using Sanity because it's flexible, able to manage content across multiple platforms, and is cost effective relative to similar solutions.

Manage all of your Websites, Mobile Apps, and other Digital Points of Presence using Sanity

Nerder is a Sanity Partner. Sanity sets itself apart from other headless CMS systems due to it's ease of use and advanced collaboration and workflow functionality.

Multi-channel content delivery

Sanity has been built around a headless CMS architecture and API-first approach, providing maximum flexibility to build multi-channel content delivery.  This allows the separation content management from content delivery while providing a great deal of flexibility to use many different front-end technologies and frameworks.


Sanity offers an extremely flexible content model that can accommodate any type of content, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia assets. This allows businesses to customize their content types and fields, and tailor them to their specific needs.

Collaboration & Workflows

Build out workflows which bring your teams together, collaborating in real time.  Structure, modify, and deliver your content live and collaboratively without any of the common problems of overwriting or locking each other out.

Our Sanity Services

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    Great Design

    Sanity’s flexible approach allows web designers the freedom to design outstanding sites and apps, with little limitations to their creative inputs.

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    Solid Strategy

    Our strategy team works with you to develop key strategies for building your digital points of presence in a way which maximize their delivery.

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    Functional Data Models

    Your data model can make or break your headless CMS project.  We build functional and effective data models based on years of experience.

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    Quality Development

    Custom coded and developed with Sanity gives you flexibility for building your site the way you want it to be built. No limitations.

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    Effective Integrations

    We can integrate all of your systems, ensuring that they work in lock step, including CRM, CDP, CXP, ERP, POS, and marketing automation systems. 

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    Ongoing Support & Maintenance

    Our support team is available to answer all of the questions you may have, during and after your Sanity site is developed.

Sanity vs. Contentful

Sanity is often compared to Contentful, the most well known headless CMS.  Though the two are very similar in approach and overall capabilities, there are a number of differences.  They’re both great platforms, but overall, Contentful is a bit more rigid and provides a wider range of enterprise capabilities, while Sanity takes a more flexible approach and is more cost effective.

One of the main differences between the two is the degree of customizability available.  Contentful comes with a pre-configured interface that is not customizable and certain pages of the studio cannot be deleted. Sanity is meant to be fully customizable and the studio is simply a React application that developers can edit as needed.  Sanity also provides a fully customizable rich text editor whereas in Contentful, content types are created from the UI with fixed options. Contentful’s approach is simpler, but it limits flexibility when it comes to content types and custom validation.

Another key difference is  built-in version control, which is only available in Sanity.  This means that if you make a mistake in publishing new content or just decide later that the older version was better, then you can easily revert to the old version.  Sanity keeps a change history for each piece of content and restore any previous version instantly.

Pricing is often cited as a key difference as Contentful starts at $300/month while Sanity starts at $99/month.  Sanity provides a very generous free tier, which is more than enough for many sites (up to 3 non-admin users, 10GB of bandwidth/month, 5GB of assets, and up to 10,000 documents). But in our experience, the platform to choose really depends upon your needs.

Sanity FAQ

Is Sanity a CMS?

Yes, Sanity is a CMS.  But it has been built “headless” which means it only handles the backend of a website or other digital point of presence, so the presentation/display layer needs to be created separately. This gives a lot of flexibility in what Sanity can be used to power, including everything from websites to mobile apps and digital kiosks.  The front end can be developed in a number of different languages and frameworks, including PHP, Java, Phython, Ruby, React, Angular, Next.js, Vue.js, etc).

Should I use a headless CMS or traditional CMS?

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve.  A traditional CMS is usually the better option for organizations with one point of presence (their website) and for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources and expertise to develop a headless solution effectively.

A headless CMS is needed when additional flexibility is required such as managing content across a number of different digital points of presence (websites, mobile apps, digital kiosks, digital billboards, etc.).  For example, if your website shares content with your mobile app, then headless is the way to go.

Does Sanity CMS have ecommerce functionality?

Yes. Sanity can be used to build out ecommerce sites and apps and is used to power sales for many large brands.  Ecommerce funtionality can be built right on top of Sanity or by integrating with other solutions like Shopify.  In fact, Shopify is an investor in Sanity and Sanity was the first CMS to launch an app for Shopify’s headless commerce framework, Hydrogen.

Does Sanity backup my data?

All content and media on Sanity is backed to nightly to two physically separate data centers within Amazon Web Services on two differnt continents (us-east-1 and eu-west-1).

The Content Delivery API (CDA) can also be used to export all of the data and back it up offsite, if desired.

Is content encrypted in Sanity?

All of the content on Sanity is encrypted during delivery by default. It can also be sent unencrypted, if you choose to (e.g. if all of the data is public, this can be done in order to improve performance).

Can I self host Sanity?

Not entirely. The Sanity Content Lake (the back end of your site) cannot be self hosted as it’s a cloud-based SAAS service that is hosted by Sanity on Amazon Web Services. But Sanity Studio (the front end of your site), can be hosted wherever you like.

Is Sanity secure?

Sanity is extremely secure. Customizable permissions control who has the ability to edit or view your content, so only the people you assign permissions to have the ability to do so. In addition, your content is only accessible for applications and websites that you give your API key to.

Sanity has very high security and reliability standards. The content is replicated between multiple servers in the backend and is backed up daily.  The transmission of content is encrypted with SSL.

Is Sanity free?

Sanity provides a very generous free tier, which is more than enough for many sites (up to 3 non-admin users, 10GB of bandwidth/month, 5GB of assets, and up to 10,000 documents). If you go beyond the limits in any given month, you can pay-as-you-go for more resources or move to a paid tier plan at any time.

Is Sanity the best CMS?

It really depends on your needs and what you’re trying to achieve. But Sanity is consistently ranked as one of the best Content Management Systems in different polls and Gartner has ranked it as the leading headless CMS.

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